Short Delay in Reopening of Ranges

Stage 1 SSAA NSW Shooting Range Reopening Procedures

On Tuesday, 12 May, SSAA NSW released a framework document providing procedures for the reopening of SSAA NSW owned ranges (and suggested procedures for other ranges).

This document was based on the Premier’s announcement of the Stage 1 ease in restrictions for NSW, as well as consultation with government agencies. Stage 1 allows outdoor gatherings of 10 people, use of outdoor equipment and the reopening of community centres.

Inquiries Regarding Reopening Procedures

We appreciate the overwhelming support from branches and members across NSW with regards to the framework. Like you, we are keen to return to our sport.

We have, however, received a handful of inquiries with regards to the reopening of ranges. We have taken steps to address those inquiries in further discussions with various government departments, which will result in a small delay in receiving their response.

As a result of discussions as late as today, SSAA NSW remains confident that the Stage 1 SSAA NSW Shooting Range Reopening Proceduresare correct and follow all restrictions and requirements from Government announcements.

As a service to members and in the interest of being prudent, we have asked the various government agencies to respond to the issues raised. We believe we will receive a response shortly, potentially as early as next week.

We do, however, understand that there are processes that agencies have to follow to provide a response. Again, we are encouraged by our discussions and the positive feedback received from those agencies, in relation to our engagement on behalf of members.

Short Delay in Reopening of Ranges

While we await feedback, we have decided to err on the side of caution and delay the reopening of ranges. This delay is only until such time as a response is received. We have been advised that a response will be quick but will not be provided on the spot.

We ask that in the meantime, those ranges wishing to reopen continue to prepare for reopening, based on the pandemic safety recommendations in the procedures document.

We expect that by the time that work is undertaken, ranges will likely be able to reopen at their discretion (and in accordance with the procedures document) without any significant delay.

SSAA NSW reiterates its previous communication that having the ability to open a range does not mean that it must open. The decision to open will be at the discretion of your local range management, once this short delay is lifted. Please be guided by your local range as to recommencement dates.

We do not believe that this short delay will affect the return to our sport in any significant way. We thank you for your patience, support and understanding during this time.

We continue to advocate on behalf of our 56,000 members and are working towards the further easing of restrictions.

Thank you,

Lance Miller - President, SSAA NSW
Jai Rowell - CEO/Executive Director SSAA NSW

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