SSAA NSW Request for Feedback: NSW Government Proposed Legislation

SSAA NSW, as your peak association, monitors proposed legislative changes that impact law-abiding firearms owners and responds where necessary.

The NSW Government is intending to amend the Firearms Act 1996 with the introduction of The Firearms and Weapons Legislation (Criminal Use) Bill 2020 later this year. SSAA NSW has been invited to make a submission to the NSW Parliament regarding the proposed bill.

The stated purpose of the amendment is to strengthen the provisions relating to illegal manufacture of firearms or prohibited weapons and to clarify police powers when conducting firearms prohibition order searches.

By reading the proposed legislation (which was prepared without industry consultation), it appears that there are unintended consequences which may prevent law-abiding firearms owners from working on their own firearms for legal and legitimate purposes.

While SSAA NSW supports the toughening of laws on criminals, this draft legislation needs significant clarification before being introduced into Parliament. SSAA NSW will use your input to fight against any potential negative impact on law-abiding firearms owners.

In preparing our response, we ask all SSAA NSW members and other individuals/organisations to provide comment on how the proposed legislation, if passed, would impact yourself (as a law-abiding firearms owner) and your sport/discipline/recreational activities. Any response received may be used in SSAA NSW’s submission, without any identifying information.

SSAA NSW will always advocate for the interests of our members and all other law-abiding firearms owners. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and will help us fight against unintended consequences. You can email your comments to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the time that we, as an organisation and industry, must come together to change the draft legislation to protect law-abiding firearms owners.
Thank you,
Lance Miller - President, SSAA NSW
Jai Rowell - CEO/Executive Director, SSAA NSW

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