What is SSAA NSW?


The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. (SSAA NSW) is the peak body dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the shooting sports in New South Wales. Wither over 55,000 members across the State, the Association represents the safe, fun and all-inclusive range of sports available today.

As the leading authority on the safe handling and use of firearms, SSAA NSW also make important contributions to government policy direction, industry research and development, tailored educational programs and training, legal and ethical hunting and conservation, and the facilitation and promotion of responsible wildlife management for farmers with pest issues to seek the assistance of its network of volunteer hunters throughout the State.

As an industry Association, SSAA NSW's aims include:
(a) To promote and improve the role of sports shooting in New South Wales;
(b) To educate young people in the skills of hunting, shooting and proper care and safe handling of firearms;
(c) To encourage all hunters to abide by a strict code of ethics;
(d) To work for a better understanding between landholders and association members;
(e) To actively advocate game conservation and assist appropriate authorities in game management programs; and,
(f) To provide an effective and credible voice on behalf of all New South Wales shooters to the wider public, community leaders and authorities.

With the ever increasing popularity of the shooting sports today, now is a great time to become involved with SSAA NSW. For more information about joining SSAA NSW, check out our Membership page or telephone (02) 8889 0400 for further information.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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