Frequently Asked Questions


1)           Is this reminder letter for my pistol attendances, or just for my longarm attendances?

This reminder relates to your longarms attendances ONLY.  Your pistol club attendances are recorded and reported by your pistol club, not by SSAA NSW.

2)           I am a member of another club approved for target shooting, hunting and/or collecting and it reports on my attendances, what do I do?

Please notify us in writing that another approved club reports on your longarms attendances, noting which of your genuine reasons (target shooting, hunting or collecting) it reports on. We will adjust your membership record and cease to report on those genuine reasons indicated in your correspondence.

3)           I am licenced for recreational hunting/vermin control, I am a member of SSAA and I have a letter of permission, do I need to complete the 2 club attendances?

If you have a letter of permission which has been submitted to the Firearms Registry as proof of genuine reason for your Firearms Licence you are not required to complete the attendances.  This also applies if you have your own property or a R Licence which has been registered as support.  Please note: if you are also licensed for target and/or collecting you will still be required to fulfil the attendances for these categories.

 4)           I don’t own any Firearms; do I still have to complete attendances?

Yes, not owning any firearms is not an acceptable reason for non-compliance; all licence holders must comply with the conditions of their firearms licence. Many Ranges have firearms that can be loaned for completing attendances. 

5)           I don’t have a firearms licence.  How do I stop you sending me these letters?

If you do not have a firearms licence or only have a minors permit, you are not required to complete attendances.  Unless you intend applying for a firearms licence in the near future, please notify SSAA NSW in writing and ask that we remove the activities from your membership record, so you do not continue to receive this letter.

6)           I will be unable to meet the attendance requirements before 31 March 2019 because of illness, overseas or interstate travel or work commitments or other exceptional circumstances. 

If you were unable to attend for a significant portion of the 12 months ending 31 March 2019 for one or more of the above reasons, you should obtain documents that will support your circumstance.  Do not send the documentation to SSAA NSW but retain it as the NSW Firearms Registry may request a written explanation of your non-attendance.

7)           Do I still have time to complete my attendances?

Yes, you have until the 31 March 2019 to fulfil your longarms attendance requirements.

If your personal details have changed you can download the Change of details form here. Simply complete and return to the SSAA Membership Office so we have the most up-to-date details for you on file.

SSAA records and reports attendance activities on your behalf to the NSW Police Firearms Registry. If your circumstances have changed, you would like to add or remove an activity that SSAA reports on for you, please download and complete the Registration of SSAA activities form here, send to the SSAA Membership Office and we'll update your details accordingly.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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