2017 SSAA National Rimfire Benchrest Championships


Held at the Dairyville Range at SSAA NSW Coffs Harbour Branch, this very well attended event also saw the inauguration of a new trophy to honour a valued member. Read the full coverage report in the June edition of The NSW Shooter Quarterly Review. In the meantime here are the results. Congratulations to the national winners!


Top 10 R/F Light Benchrest

Bill Simmons .7107, Brett Wilson .7418, Brian Mitchell .802, Norm Bardell .8316, Keith Smith .8367, Paul Sullivan .8434, Richard Powell .8783, Neil Digweed .8791, Glenn Seaman .8827, Ben West .9133.


Top 10 R/F Custom Benchrest

Ben West .6038, Bill Simmons .6329, Paul Sullivan .6627. Russell Gibson .6728. Robin Cox .6779, Neil Digweed .6925, Brett Wilson .7018, John Patzwald .7060,

Norm Bardell .7068, Chris Parry .7218.


Top 10 International Benchrest

Paul Sullivan 1494.100, Robin Cox 1493.10, Stuart Elliott 1493.81, Brett Wilson 1491.98, Neil Digweed 1486.90, Brian Mitchell 1486.71, Janette Mitchell 1485.86, Norm Bardell 1485.81, Nic Ward 1484.73, Caden Bardell (Junior) 1483.76.


Top 10 R/F Two-Gun

Bill Simmons .6718, Brett Wilson .7218, Paul Sullivan .7530, Ben West .7585, Norm Bardell .7692, Brian Mitchell .7697, Neil Digweed .7858, Russell Gibson .7990, Don Powell .8438, Richard Powell .8650.


SSAA NSW Forbes Branch shooter's perfect score

It may not be a large branch but SSAA NSW Forbes offers plenty of shooting opportunities for keen competition at its range. Thirteen members competed in the fox, bear and .22 target shoots held on Sunday 30 April, with John Dean taking top honours in each event, with a perfect score in the fox target shoot and second place getter Allan Belcher only one point behind.

Check out the complete results, and dates and information about future events, disciplines and contact details, as well as licensing, as published in The Forbes Advocate.

Updated results from the .22 target shoot held Wednesday 3 May here.

Husband and wife scoop 2017 Riverina Fly Championship

Paul and Tracy Deehan celebrated together after taking first and second place respectively in the 2017 Riverina Fly Championship held Saturday and Sunday 25-26 March at SSAA NSW Wagga Wagga Branch. 

Paul won Sunday's 500m Centrefire Heavy Gun with a score of 268.01, with Tyson Trotter in second place with 266.03 and Les Fraser third with 256.01, while Tracy came first in the Light Gun with 266.05, Tyson Trotter second with 260.01 and Daniel Taylor third with 256.02.

On Saturday PVM won the 300m Centrefire Custom with a score of 297.15, Paul came second with 293.11 and Paul Krebs a close third with 293.07. Adam Brown came first in the Factory category with a score of 266.04, Keith Dowell second with 253.05 and Greg Chapman thrid with 243.02. Greg achieved the highest Small Group score and Adam the Best Target results, while Ryan Hall won the Juniors in the 300m and 500m competitions both days.

Congratulations to the Deehans and other placegetters, and good luck to all the participants in future comps. 

SSAA NSW Wagga Wagga Branch ANZAC Day charity shoot


Heritage service rifles won welcome places at the field rifle range at Big Springs when 10  intrepid shooters turned out to contest SSAA NSW Wagga Wagga Branch’s ninth annual ANZAC Day shoot for Lee Enfield 303s. These contestants braved pouring rain to celebrate the legend of the ANZACs and their WWI standard issue firearm.

The top three shooters’ names are to be added to the perpetual trophy, a portrait of a Light Horseman. The medals for this year’s event were brought back from the Western Front from last year’s centenary of the start of the battle of the Somme.

Course of fire

50 metres: 10 shots from the magazine rapid fire off hand unsupported in one minute

100 metres: 10 shot from the magazine standing supported in five minutes

200 metres: 10 shots from the magazine sitting/kneeling in five minutes

First place went to Frank Cohn (centre), with Rob Baird (right) second and Greg Blake (left) third. The event raised just over $500, with all the funds donated to Legacy.

Armidale Juniors stand-outs at the National Rimfire Benchrest Championships

Armidale SSAA Juniors Tiffany Tarrant and Patrick Simpson with their medals 19.03.2017.

Of the three Duval High School junior shooters who travelled to the Dairyville Range at Coffs Harbour for the recent National Benchrest Rimfire Championships, two distinguished themselves in the results.

At his first competition 12-year-old Patrick Simpson won the trophy for first Junior in the Heavy Rimfire event and 14-year-old Tiffany Tarrant was placed third in the Juniors event for the International Rimfire Benchrest, as well as winning two screamer patches in the Heavy Rimfire event.

Tiffany and Patrick also won the Junior Gold and Silver medals respectively for the Grouping competition and placed first and second in the Hunter Class competition at the inter-club shoot with the Highland Hunting and Target Club, Glen Innes, held at Armidale on Sunday 19 March. 

Armidale SSAA Juniors Tiffany Tarrant and Patrick Simpson with their recent medals.