SSAA NSW Wagga Wagga Branch ANZAC Day charity shoot


Heritage service rifles won welcome places at the field rifle range at Big Springs when 10  intrepid shooters turned out to contest SSAA NSW Wagga Wagga Branch’s ninth annual ANZAC Day shoot for Lee Enfield 303s. These contestants braved pouring rain to celebrate the legend of the ANZACs and their WWI standard issue firearm.

The top three shooters’ names are to be added to the perpetual trophy, a portrait of a Light Horseman. The medals for this year’s event were brought back from the Western Front from last year’s centenary of the start of the battle of the Somme.

Course of fire

50 metres: 10 shots from the magazine rapid fire off hand unsupported in one minute

100 metres: 10 shot from the magazine standing supported in five minutes

200 metres: 10 shots from the magazine sitting/kneeling in five minutes

First place went to Frank Cohn (centre), with Rob Baird (right) second and Greg Blake (left) third. The event raised just over $500, with all the funds donated to Legacy.