Bushies and Bolters, 2012

A fine spring Saturday morning saw 21 shooters on the line. We ranged in age from 12 to 70 plus. That is one of the big attractions of Colonial Action. We have room for people from all age groups, all walks of life, even those who think they couldn't compete because of physical disability, we have room for everyone. Eight scenarios, and many side events later (including a huge cook up Saturday night which consisted of smoked ribs, chicken and lamb, pork belly and fried rice. Midday Sunday after 2 days of competition ended in a group of friends eating sausage sandwiches as the certificates were awarded.

Top Gun - Barry Tomlinson

Colonial Action - Brian Pierce

Double Action - Phil Martyn

Ladies - Michelle Rose

Single Action - Barry Tomlinson

Single Action Target - Tom Coulter

Single Action Black Powder - Ralph Imber

Speed Shotgun - Barry Tomlinson

Speed Pistol - Barry Tomlinson

Speed Rifle - Phil Martyn

Long Range Events

Lever Action Rifle Calibre - Michele Rose

Lever Action Pistol Calibre - Michele Rose

Cadet Martini - Greg Osborne