NSW 5-Stand State Titles : August 18-19, 2012

With light snow falling and chilly winds blowing across the range as the final adjustments were made to the three 5-Stand layouts the day before the NSW 5-Stand Champion Darren Macartney
State Titles began at the Majura Park Gun Club ACT, competitors were glad they brought their cold weather gear with them. As competition commenced the next morning in slightly improved conditions in what locals affectionally refer to as "a typical August Canberra day", everyone was expecting some
challenging targets in the gusty conditions and they weren't disappointed.

Three excellent layouts had been established with a wide variety of targets and some simultaneous pairs that needed some quick second barrels. Two layouts were set by Matt Webster and Andy Vaccaro and other local members, while Greg Allen, Frank Tagliapietra and Darren Macartney set
the third one using the SSAA Shotgun Trailer. Shooters attended from Bathurst, Sydney, Wollongong, Hay,Deniliquin, West Wyalong, Griffith, Yass and the Canberra area as well as from Victoria.

The shoot ran smoothly throughout the weekend with Sally and Rachael keeping the administration going well in the Office while Janelle provided some very tasty, warm and welcome catering to everyone.

Ar the end of shooting on Saturday the Shotgun AGM was well attended with plenty of enthusiastic ideas to promote SSAA Shotgun in 2013. Warren Brown was re-elected Chairman with Jan Jacka Assistant Chair. The meeting agreed to hold State Selection Shoots at Canberra, Hay, Forbes, Griffith and Newcastle with Hay and Griffith offering to hold either the State Titles for 5-Stand or Sporting Clays. Dates are to be negotiated with host clubs.

The shoot was generously sponsored by SSAA(NSW), ELEY Cartridges and Casella Wines with all winners returning home with a SSAA State Medallion, and plenty of supplies of ELEY cartridges and Yellow Tail Wine to try.

Sunday's competition was much improved with the weather much better and with some adjustments to the targets, the scores were higher.

As the last clays were thrown and the scores computed Darren Macartney (Hay) and Jayden Roe (Deniliquin) tied with a score of 128/150. After a full round of 25 targets Darren emerged as High Gun winner and State
5-Stand Champion by one target - a very credible effort from both shooters.

Other winners were:

AA Grade:  Shaun Krzus (Griffith)  126, Matt Webster (Canberra) 121, Grant Barton (Bathurst) 121

A Grade: Anthony Pitt (Wodonga)  188, Simon Gee (Hay) 114, Andy Vaccaro (Canberra) 105

B Grade: Stacey Rossetto (Griffith) 108, Troy Adams (Griffith) 82

C Grade: Mitch McDonnell (West Wyalong) 77, Chaise Staltere (Griffith) 72, Tim Kiernan (Canberra) 68

Ladies:  Casey Jacka & Jan Jacka (Hay) 69 (shoot-off), Diana Melham (Southern Highlands) 15

Juniors: Jayden Roe (Deniliquin) 128

Veterans: John Argilla (Shepparton) 113, David Brenton (Woolongong) & Warren Brown (Griffith) 112 (shoot-off)

The competition points from the best three State Selections Shoots were added to the points gained at the State Titles with Darren Macartney,
Jayden Roe, Shaun Krzus, Grant Barton and Frank Tagliapietra named as the 2012 SSAA(NSW) Shotgun Team. Congratulations to these five
competitors on some fine, consistent shooting throughout the year.

These competitors gained the following points towards selection in the 2012 National Shotgun Teams to be decided at the SSAA 5-Stand National
Championships at Griffith on 8/9 September:

Darren Macartney                                19.5

Jayden Roe                                          19.5

Shaun Krzus                                         18

Matt Webster                                        17

Anthony Pitt                                          16

Simon Gee                                           14.5

Grant Barton                                        14.5

John Argilla                                          13

Frank Tagliapietra                                10.5

Andrew Webb                                      10.5

David Brenton                                      10.5

Warren Brown                                      10.5

Greg Allen                                            7.5

Doug Brenton                                       7.5

Stacey Rossetto                                   5.5

Adrian Emery                                       5.5

Andy Vaccaro                                      4

Jamie Cirrilo                                        3

Anthony Blacker                                  2

Graeme Bennett                                  1