Letter from the President - SSAA NSW

Dear SSAA Members and Law Abiding Firearm Owners,

It is disappointing to see another attempt by Gun Control Australia attacking Law Abiding Firearm Owners (LAFO) as opposed to criminals.

It is true licenced shooters are at record levels, it is also true that other sports are at records and the reason is our population has increased. It is only logical that legally owned firearms would increase also. Three percent (3%) of NSW are law abiding firearm owners (242,000 people) compared with a population of 7.95 million.

Law Abiding Firearms Owners go through a stringent process and vetting by the NSW Police. Proper vetting is part of a good regime.

The people who commit crimes are criminals. SSAA NSW only supports lawful use and ownership of firearms. We fully support tougher penalties for criminals including mandatory sentences.

Firearm ownership by LAFO’s means that they have been given a licence as a result of a stringent NSW Police check and been found to be respectable citizens and not criminals. So why target the good citizens as opposed to criminals.

With over 56,000 members one of SSAA NSW key objectives is to protect, preserve and promote the shooting sport for law abiding firearm owners. SSAA NSW will always stand up for law abiding firearm owners and call out sensationalism used merely as a tactic for a private political agenda.

The debate shouldn’t be about law abiding citizens it should be about criminals.

SSAA NSW works proactively to increase training to set higher standards and benefit the community. SSAA NSW trains many Government Departments for their every day work and in some instances the very same LAFO’s being attacked today assist with the important work in feral pest eradication and other operations.

SSAA NSW works productively and advocates for safety and evidenced based law reform that does not impact on LAFO’s. We will continue to advocate in this way to the highest levels of the political process including Government, Opposition and the Cross Bench.

Our work has been recognised by Government and some political parties with the signing of an MOU with National Parks and Wildlife Service to continue for a further three (3) years the Supplementary Pest Control Program, the election commitment of two political parties for over $3 million to increase the shooting sports in regional NSW to be ran by SSAA NSW and we were recently asked by the Government to consider providing additional training programs.

If we were all terrible people, Government would not ask for our assistance, various political parties would not make election commitments to SSAA NSW and of course NSW Police would not issue licences for firearm use and ownership.

It is time that a bit of common sense prevailed.

Today, the politics of sensationalism was promoted by Gun Control Australia not the various political parties. We have been working to a policy of engaging within a process including education awareness which has seen some recent successes. There is much more to do and no LAFO should fall in the trap of the tactics utilised today.

All LAFO’s standing together will ensure that feeble attacks on us fail.

Yours Sincerely,

Lance Miller

President – SSAA NSW

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