SSAA NSW Holds Greens and Media to Account

The latest attempt by NSW MP David Shoebridge and the Greens Party to evoke unnecessary fear within communities throughout New South Wales is nothing but a cheap political stunt based on misleading and unsubstantiated statements regarding legal firearms ownership.

In its Media Release, SSAA NSW highlights the irresponsibility of the latest attempts by the Greens to mislead the NSW community and compromise the safety and security of those people within the community that legally own and store firearms. The recent acts of the Greens are yet another example of their shameless attempts to use manipulated data coupled with misleading and false claims to push their anti-gun agenda.

SSAA NSW has also responded to biased media reports that were recently aired on radio and television.

In a recent interview aired on the ABC’s Radio National RN Breakfast Program, Samantha Lee of Gun Control Australia again espoused inaccurate information regarding the Adler A110 shotgun and firearms laws. in its letter to the RN Breakfast Program, SSAA NSW expressed it disappointment that the information provided to listeners was not questioned for validity nor was there an opportunity for an opposing view to be presented to listeners. SSAA NSW has requested the opportunity to provide a balanced view that will provide factual information to address the misleading statements made by Ms Lee.

On the Channel 9 Today Show’s ‘Mixed Grill’ segment, the Adler A110 Shotgun was again a topic for discussion and misleading commentary. SSAA NSW has also written to the Today Show to provide factual information about the shotgun and firearms laws.

SSAA NSW will continue to take every opportunity to ensure that information and commentary about our sport and firearms ownership is factual and that any attempt, intentional or unintentional, is corrected so that the views formed by our community are well informed and based on fact.

We urge our members to also take every opportunity to correct the record whenever they see any incorrect or misleading information portrayed in the public arena.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here